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Providing excellent service to California since 1976.

Strole’s Tri-Service is San Luis Obispo County’s top excavation company

A Central Coast business for more than three decades, Strole’s Tri-Service is a successful, family owned and operated excavation company, with the capability to handle most any task.



Residential & Commercial Service

Our specialty is hillside excavation utilizing the amazing Walking Excavator. This machine has the capability to work on steep slopes, as well as in 5 feet of water. It is an environmentally friendly machine and perfectly suited for erosion control in creeks and rivers, as it can perform its tasks while incurring the least amount of damage. You don’t need roads to go where this machine can go. It can climb steep slopes without destroying everything to get to the job site. The excavator also has the ability to span up to 10′ (e.g.: Across a creek). While this machine is spectacular on uneven terrain, it also performs superbly on the easier jobs as well.

  • General Contracting
  • 70% Slopes
  • Grading
  • Trenching
  • Utilities
  • Install Utility Poles
  • Gold Shovel Certified
  • Drilling
  • Design, Fabrication and Installation of bat-compatible gates and cupolas
  • Drill and Set Anchors
  • Current CPR and First Aid Training

AJ, The Amazing Walking Excavator

Written by Strole’s Tri-Service Owner, Eric Monson

Follow the adventures of AJ the Amazing Walking Excavator and his friends as they run through an exciting working day. Meet all of the fun characters and see how they interact together to get the job done. Included at the end of the book are real life photos of these characters working.

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